Lidwave's technology

Measuring Depth and Instantaneous Velocity by Coherence of Light

Uncompromised Sensing

Our unique sensor extracts Depth and Doppler information by utilizing the coherence properties of light – not the speed of light, featuring quantum-limited sensitivity and fundamental immunity to interferences.

Calibration-free LiDAR for mass production

We created the first monostatic LiDAR design implementing the transceiver at the pixel level on a single chip, inherently agnostic to vibrations and temperature changes - without any design compromises.

Our competitive edge

Perception is hindered today by the limited performance of current sensors, and reaching a satisfactory capability requires a fusion of information from camera and other sensors. Lidwave is changing this reality and approaching active sensing from a different perspective. Lidwave’s innovative 4D sensor exploits unique coherent properties of the light to extract Instantaneous Velocity information in addition to Depth information with enhanced sensitivity. The cutting-edge and proprietary FCR™ (Finite Coherent Ranging) technology overcomes the shortcomings of traditional LiDAR and RADAR systems and provides a complete understanding of the scene dynamics without any complex computation or post-processing. Our sensor streams real-time high-quality raw data of Range, Reflectivity, and Instantaneous Velocity (Doppler) per pixel.

Lidwave's proprietary architecture enables production at scale without compromising on unmatched performance. The complex assembly of current LiDAR systems significantly increases their price and decreases their performance. One of the most challenging points is the calibration of the transmitter and the receiver which must be spatially separated to avoid crosstalk. FCR™ enables us not only to integrate the whole optical system LiDAR on a single chip but also to realize a true monostatic design in which we transmit and receive from the same pixel. To summarize, our FCR™ platform provides a cost-effective, calibration- and maintenance-free, scalable, and robust high-performance 4D-Sensor-on-a-Chip.

  • Cost effective

    Wafer-level integration, scalable production

  • Robust & Reliable

    Maintenance-free, immune to environmental conditions

  • Uncompromised Visibility

    Immune to interference and glare, all weather conditions

  • Instantaneous Velocity

    Instantaneous Velocity Improved perception, low compute requirements

Sensing in harsh conditions

Our sensor provides clear visibility in challenging weather conditions such as rain, fog, and snow.

  • 250m +

    Detection range @10% reflectivity

  • 100%

    Immune to interferences

  • 0.01⁰

    Angular resolution

  • Zero


Get early access to FCR and redefine your application limits

Explore Lidwave’s Evaluation platform and tailor our FCR sensor to your needs.

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