About Lidwave

Pushing the limits of perception

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    Lidwave was built with the passion and the knowledge to disrupt the field of 3D sensing by challenging the fundamental barriers of the current LiDAR technologies. The company’s mission statement is to make LiDAR technology ubiquitous. Lidwave’s groundbreaking platform lowers costs, boosts scalability, and enhances performance. It provides entire sectors with easy access to the fundamental technology they need to move forward.

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    The Jerusalem-based deep-tech company is led by experts in the fields of coherent optics and sensing technologies. Lidwave’s patented Finite Coherence Ranging (FCR™) architecture is the key to transform the perception industry. The company has established ongoing collaborations with leading industry partners, advancing the infrastructure towards mass-production.

Our Leadership

  • Yehuda Vidal

    Yehuda Vidal (MSc.)

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Uri Weiss

    Uri Weiss (MSc.)

    Chief Scientist & Co-founder

  • Dr. Yossi Kabessa

    Yossi Kabessa (Ph.D)

    CTO & Co-founder

  • Dr. Tal Cohen

    Tal Cohen (Ph.D)

    Board Member

  • Nitsan Avivi

    Nitsan Avivi (MBA)

    Head of Business Development

From physics fundamentals to enabling technology.