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Lidwave evaluation kit product

Evaluation Platform

Our FCR™ sensing platform is fully configurable for studying different use cases in a variety of applications. It streams high-resolution maps in real-time of 3D range, instantaneous velocity, and the reflectivity of the surrounding.

Lidwave evaluation kit product
  • 45⁰ x 45⁰

    Field of view

  • 0.01⁰ x 0.01⁰

    Maximum angular resolution

  • > 300m

    Detection range

  • 0.5 – 30 FPS

    Frame rate

  • 0%

    Interferences by sunlight or other systems

  • 0.1kph

    Velocity Resolution Per-Pixel

Lidwave product

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  • Supreme performance

  • Cost effective

  • Optical chip engine

  • Delivering during 2024

Look into the future with Lidwave's groundbreaking perception.