Industry opportunities

Sense the present and shape the future

It is all about perception. Lidwave sensing platform is transforming 3D sensing into an affordable and accessible solution that renovates countless industries.

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    Automotive & Transportation

    It goes without saying that safety is above all. A reliable and accurate true 3D sensing is essential to transform transportation to its next era. Real-time perception data of the surrounding that is streamed to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and fully Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will dramatically decrease the devastating impact of driving-related human errors and will enable a much smoother mobility experience while transforming logistic fleets to operate reliably and safely at mass-scale.

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    Smart Cities

    The city of the future is here today. It is safer, more connected, and supports the ongoing needs of residents. Making LiDAR technology an integral part of people’s daily routines can solve age-old problems like traffic jams, pedestrian safety, security, infrastructure, and more. Machine vision will serve as the eyes of the city for a safe environment that provides efficient solutions in real-time, based on accurate mapping data.

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    Industry 4.0

    Connected factories and smart production floors save enterprises time and money by preventing costly errors and optimizing entire procedures. The fourth industrial revolution is well on its way, and 3D sensing capabilities are its core building blocks. Giving every manufacturer the possibility to utilize machine vision will boost the implementation of many other industrial technologies.

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    Robots can assist humans with a long list of routine tasks, handling time-consuming, mundane chores and freeing us to focus on the interesting parts of life. Giving them improved 3D sensing capabilities will boost eCommerce delivery, automated warehouses, and many more. Lidwave’s technology is the missing part for giving Robots perception capabilities for mapping their surrounding and navigating efficiently.

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    Mining Site

    Incorporating mining equipment with Lidwave's 3D sensor allows totally autonomous sites where all the machines operate in harmony with optimized efficiency. Each tool has a clear and informative 3D view of its surrounding. This powerful tool dramatically boosts up the yield with no need for any presence of personnel at the site. Accurately and instantly calculating production volumes based on the 3D map maximizes the productivity using minimal resources.

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