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Pioneering the new era of 3D sensing

Lidwave’s disruptive sensor using our patented technology unlocks the full potential of 3D sensing making it accessible to new markets.

Boosting the adoption rate of LiDAR Technology

Our novel and unique sensor extracts depth information by utilizing the coherence of light instead of the speed of light. This results in a chip with supreme capabilities that can be manufactured in a simple, scalable, and cost-effective process.

  • Cost effective

    Low bandwidth electronics, simple processing

  • Robust & Reliable

    Maintenance-free, immune to environmental conditions

  • Calibration-free

    Monostatic optical design, camera-like integration

  • Scalable

    System-on-Chip mass production

Welcome to the future of high-performance 3D sensors

Our patented Finite Coherent Ranging (FCR™) technology delivers millions of depth points per second, providing an accurate and detailed 3D map up to distances of hundreds of meters.

We empower industry leaders to use LiDAR Technology in ways that previously seemed impossible.