• Novel Sensing Architecture

    for an Automated Future.

    About us

    Lidwave is a Jerusalem-based deep-tech startup introducing a supreme 3D sensing architecture that fundamentally disrupts the 3D perception industry, influencing trillion-dollar-plus industries.

    Our cutting-edge sensing solution holds a great promise to become a core building block in large and diverse industries and applications such as; Automotive, Smart cities, Robotics, Construction, and more.


    While the current methods extract depth perception by time-based apparatus which requires precise and sensitive hardware, our disruptive (patented) solution is absolutely time-agnostic and can be implemented on a simple hardware framework (System on Chip).

    This paradigm shift enables us to reduce the price by a factor of 50X while maintaining long-range capabilities at a full frame-rate.


    Inquiries Head Office

    For any questions or recommendations, please contact us at: Shlomo HaLevi 5 (Har Hotzvim), Jerusalem, 9777019 ISRAEL.